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Local Paddling Area

We are very lucky to have such a stunning and varied area to paddle. Ranging from the beautiful coast line to the stunning twisting Keyhaven river and marshes. There are many different launching areas to choose from but we always advise checking tide times and local bylaws before launching. We always recommend staying within 20 metres of the shore and not to paddle out into any shipping lanes. Always tell someone before you go paddling and try to paddle with others. Only paddle in an area you feel confident in.

If in doubt Dont Paddle!

Please ask us and we will be happy to advise.

If you choose to paddle on the Keyhaven River please launch and land at the designated areas ONLY do not land on the salt marshes as this could cause damage and erosion of this beautiful place.


Once you have explored our local area you may want to try further afield. That's fine with us! So to help you explore we have created simple downloadable PDF's to help you on your way! More will be added over time as we expand our paddling routes and areas.

The Downloads are FREE and produced in conjunction with Hutch SUP Wear.

If you would like to paddle any of the routes with us then why not join our SUP Club its FREE with your own kit and £20 to hire kit from us. 

Milford On Sea, Keyhaven, Hurst Castle Spit, Keyhaven River
Tanners Lane


Mount Lake
Hurst Castle
Iford Bridge
Avon Loop
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