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If you’d prefer a more personal lesson where you have your instructor’s full attention,

please get in touch directly to arrange either a 1 or 2 hour session.

Our patient and knowledgeable instructors can take things at your own pace and answer your specific questions out on the water.

These lessons are for over 18’s only if booked as a 1-1

but we can offer private tuition for under 18's as long as a parent if booked on as well.

1 Hour 1-1 is £75

2 Hour 1-1 is £125 


( +£35 per person for extra participants up to a max of 6)

£5 discount for using your own equipment.

We do recommend using your own equipment for private lessons.


1st Nov - 31st March

1 Hour £60 with board hire or £55 using your own board

2 Hour £105 with board hire or £100 using your own board

Bespoke sessions can be excellent for building confidence,

or for those who like to learn at a faster or slower pace than the average group.

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