Swimcell Waterproof Phone Case - LARGE Size

This fantastic phone case allows you to take your phone on the water with the knowledge of it being safe inside! With its clear case it still allows full function of your phone so you can take amazing video and photos while on or in the water!


Available in different colours!

  • Fits phones and phablets up to 10.3cm x 19cm.
  • Waterproof case for iPhone 6 plus,7 + and similar sizes.
  • Best waterproof case for 5" - 7" screens.
  • Window 9cm x 17cm.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Tested to 10m / 33ft underwater.
  • Rated IPX8 - the highest waterproof rating.
  • Wide, adjustable lanyard.
  • Soft PVC, comfortable to use.
  • Easy to use twist lock wheels.
  • Still use your phone inside the bag.

Swimcell Waterproof Phone Case LARGE Size