Ready to Race

4 Hour Course


The Ready 2 Race course is to introduce people to the enjoyment of SUP racing.

Having completed this course students should feel that they are ready to enter their first race or have improved their skills to aid their racing aims.

The course is ‘skill’ rather than fitness focused and focuses on the main skills and scenarios

that will comes up in a wide variety of races.

By the end of this course paddlers should feel confident to:

Understand the different race board classes

Have knowledge of different racing disciplines and how to get involved

Be able to select the best race equipment for themselves

Can demonstrate an improved efficient paddle stroke

Can Draft

Can perform a variety of turns around buoys using good judgement

Have experienced a variety of start options

Have understanding of personal gear you might wear for racing and hydration options.

The 4 hour course is run in flat water and at the end of it,

you will be presented with your BSUPA Ready to Race Card.

This course can be run as a private 4 hour course for £165

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