Ready to Tour

Full Day



The Ready 2 Tour course is to introduce people to the enjoyment of touring

and exploring but offer more than an experience.

Having completed this course students should feel that they are ready to plan their own adventures

and have new skills to improve their time on the water.

The course is ‘skill and knowledge focused’ aiming to give students

a safe way of getting more time on the water.

By the end of this course paddlers should feel confident to:

Understand the different locations to paddle and their restrictions, challenges

Have knowledge of different touring disciplines and how to get involved

Be able to select the best touring equipment for themselves

Can demonstrate an improved efficient paddle stroke

Can use a variety of strokes to maintain tracking and maneuverability on the water.

Can navigate obstacles and third parties afloat taking into account, flow, weather and any other elements.

Have knowledge of how to plan a trip taking into account weather, flow, tide, access, 3rd parties, exit options,

Have understanding of personal gear you might take with you when touring.

Have planned completed and experienced a tour.

The course is run at our Keyhaven Quay site with theory in the morning 

and then on the water in the afternoon.

At the end of it, you will be presented with your BSUPA Ready to Tour Card.

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