One day in 2010, Carles, RSPro founder, hooked on Stand Up Paddle, decided to protect from paddle impacts the investment he made on a brand new board. We were so impressed with the protection we designed, and had such a wonderful feedback from other users,

that we decided to share with the Stand Up Paddle world. RSPro was born.

We use exclusive materials, and a high tech process, that allows the production of beautiful, tough,

yet very easy to install products. 

Quality & Design are on our daily priority list, along with our latest obsession: 

We want to improver grip and traction for watersports.

We already started doing it with the launch of the HexaTraction early 2016, but this is only the beginning.

Our vision is to completely get rid of wax and embrace the waxless surfing revolution.

We hold the essential items in stock for SUP paddlers and Surf repairs.