SUP Surfing Lessons

Is SUP surfing hard? 


This is why all our SUP Surf lessons are booked as private sessions

so we can tailor make them to your experience and needs.

We offer either a 3 stage lesson plan for experienced flat water paddlers with basic sea paddling experience

or a 6 stage lesson plan for complete novices with the aim of taking you from a SUP novice to a confident SUP Surfer being able to practice independently at your local beach.

Our lesson plans are broken down into the following sessions:

Six Stage Plan for complete SUP novices


Stages 1 - 3

1 Hour Taster as part of a group £25

2 Hour BSUPA Ready to Ride as part of a group £55

1 Hour SUP on the Sea as part of a group £30

Stages 4 - 6

2 Hour Private Surf skills session £100

2 Hour Flat Water Paddle skills session £100

2 Hour SUP surf skills session £100

Three Stage Plan for paddlers who can paddle on the sea and are confident on flat water.


Stages 1 - 3

2 Hour Private Surf familiarisation session £100

2 Hour Flat Water SUP Paddle skills session £100

2 Hour SUP surf skills session £100

About the Surf Sessions

Stage 1 - Surf familiarisation session: This session is all about getting you comfortable in the surf zone, being able to 'read' and choose the right waves, learning how to catch them, how to ride them and of course how to deal with the inevitable wipe-outs. We start off using your SUP as a prone board but your objectives will be different to a regular surfing lesson, and we will introduce a paddle as a prop at some point, just so you get used to handling the extra bit of kit. In this session you will be able to quickly and safely learn the surf fundamentals.


Stage 2 - Paddle technique session: Sup surfers need to be able to react instinctively at a moment's notice with various paddle stroke and footwork techniques. These are best learned and rehearsed in flat water without the distraction of surf. We also work on your paddling speed, power delivery and efficiency, and develop your balance on the smaller surf-style sup boards; experience in both of these areas is vital to your future success in the surf.


Stage 3 - Sup surfing session: This takes us out through the breaking surf, and out back into 'green wave' territory on your sup surf board. The goals of this session are open-ended but will definitely include strategies and tactics for getting past the white water, developing a reliable system for catching waves on your forehand and backhand, what to do with the paddle when you're surfing, how to make proper bottom turns, sup surf etiquette, wave selection...You'll also learn about the conditions and beach set ups that produce the best waves for sup surfing. 

Sessions take place at Hordle Cliff beach or Avon beach depending on the surf forecast

all sessions are dependent on conditions.

2 Hour Private Surf Lessons £100 including board hire

Wetsuits included if required

Over 18's Only.

Also available as a gift voucher!

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