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SUP with your Dog

We are regularly asked about getting dogs on a board whilst you paddle so we introduced a

 1 hour 1 - 1 session at Keyhaven for you to get your dog on board!


(£70 using your own board)

Based at Keyhaven Quay you and your four legged paddling buddy will have a private lessons to work with our experienced SUP instructor and dog lover Caroline to get your dog comfortable on our Starboard Avanti solid board which is plenty wide and stable enough for a person and their dog! You are also more than welcome to use your own board as well.

There is no guarantee of success as every dog reacts to water differently

but we would recommend the following:

You are competent as a paddle boarder first.

If you require a lesson first please book onto a taster session or a 1 - 1

Your dog likes the water

Your dog responds to all your commands and is not easily distracted

We also recommend a lifejacket or full body harness for your dog.

We do not supply dog lifejackets.

Be prepared to get wet! 

The session may involve you standing in the water for quite sometime getting your dog comfortable on a floating object and settled before you get on the board as well.

It may take more than 1 session to get up and standing!

This session is a 1-1 and will need to be booked with us directly by email.

If you have any questions please contact us.


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