Winging Lessons

The latest watersport everyone wants to try!
We offer a range of courses from BKSA to suit every level from your first time with a wing to foiling!
Based at Keyhaven Quay sessions are run as private bookings.
£100 for a 2 hour 1-1
£150 for a 2 hour 2-1
We run 2 main types of course
This course is aimed at taking those with no experience of Wingsurfing and introducing them to the basic skills for them to be able to safely setup, launch, make progress on the water and return safely.
This course is for you to safely experience your first foiling rides on a suitable large board, be able to launch and foil across the wind returning safely and be able to perform a self rescue.
You will need to have completed the Wingtro before moving onto this session.
To make a booking please contact us.
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